Did you know that SEO was also done on Amazon? Well, I tell you that Amazon is the pioneer of eCommerce at an international level, which is why it is necessary to make strategies and optimization at the SEO level in its search engine for the products that are in your inventory.

Do you have a product for sale on Amazon?

If you have it and you can’t find it in the first results. It’s because Amazon’s search engine decides how awesome your product is based on an extensive algorithm that is constantly and frequently altered.

Let’s say that the Amazon search engine acts the same as goggle. Well, therefore, optimal optimization is obviously needed for each published product.

Well, keep in mind that having a product on page 1 of Amazon is essential to maximize conversions and sales.

But then how do products rank on Amazon page 1? It’s not a simple answer, but there are some key areas to optimize product listings on Amazon: product title, image, information, and Amazon engine search terms.

Optimize Amazon Product Catalog

Product Title:

A listing of products on Amazon should have an optimized title, with a bottom line.

We must know that the title is an SEO factor with the greatest impact on the classification of a product, both positively and negatively. To get started, compile a list of the most important keywords for a product by diving into the competition for inspiration or using tools like Google AdWords.

Place the most important keywords near the beginning of the product title. Algorithms associate higher relevance with keywords that appear early in a title.

However, this does not mean that a title is accumulated with only keywords and then another keyword. In fact, please don’t do that. Amazon will penalize you.

Amazon suggests including the following categories in a product title: brand, product line, material or key features, product type, color, size, and packaging, or quantity.

Be a maximum of 250 characters, so be sure to take advantage of them by including details about your product and including your main keywords without filler.

The suggested structure is: Product Brand + Collection + Material + Color / Size + Quantity

Product Images:

Your product images must include “Alt Text”.

Alt text is a word inserted as an attribute for an image, which tells search engines the nature of the image’s contents.

The search engine gives alt text a high priority when determining which products appear in search results, although these attributes are not visible to customers.

While a missing alt text won’t destroy your chances of landing on Amazon Page 1, a huge opportunity will be missed if left empty.

Alt text should be the most important keyword for a product. The image description should also include keywords, but consistently instead of a string of keywords.

Have compelling images

Amazon Product Image sizes

Source: Amazon

  • Minimum 1000px x 500px for the zoom functions to work.
  • Place a white background on the image.

The product must take up at least 85% of the image area.

Search Keywords:


The most important keywords should already be placed in the product title and image attributes. But the additional keywords should not be forgotten.

These should be converted to search terms. Like image attributes, these keywords are also not visible to customers but are still indexed by search engines.

This is where additional keywords, common misspellings, and commonly used words in a niche should be included.

Guide yourself and have good results in selling on Amazon

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