Every Amazon seller is now familiar with the buy box and how important it is for one to get their reviews right so that they can have the buy box. Buy box is basically an option available on the product description page of Amazon. It is a white box with add to cart option. All the buyers are not given the buy box option. Only selective ones have it, and the rest are striving to get it.

This blog will know how buyer feedback and product reviews help you win an Amazon buy box.

Importance of Amazon Buy Box

All the sellers are not Amazon sellers, and some of them are third party retailers. So the buy box is important for their sales. You can know it from the fact that almost 83% of all the sales and an even higher percentage for mobile sales of Amazon are from the buy box. This is the reason everyone is gushing over it.

Buyer Feedback and Product Reviews

motivate your customer to leave more reviews

The buyer feedback and product reviews are also one of the essential factors that influence you getting or not getting the buy box. Although it is all based on the algorithm of A9, it has some factors that distinctly influence getting buy box.

The buyer feedback and product reviews do not directly influence because these are independent factors that may be about the buyer or the seller. Though you cannot say, that buyer’s feedback and product reviews do not influence it all. Feedback above 4 to 5 stars should be maintained if you want to get the buy box. With this positive feedback, you should have excellent reviews from buyers who used your products.

The following are some factors that influence feedback, and it ultimately increases your chances of getting a buy box on Amazon.

product page optimization

Product Description

Keep in mind to make your product descriptions detailed and that your product titles are not too long, but they cover all aspects. Your product description will give an idea to the buyer so that you can get better feedback if it goes according to the description.

Product Pricing

Pricing itself is the most crucial factor in getting the buy box. Make it certain that your prices are in an affordable range. They should not be too high and not too low. Some people make it too low so that they can get a buy box, but you should not do that. Too low prices will make the buyers suspicious about your product’s quality, and you might not get many buyers.

Customer Service

Good customer service always gains you those brownie points in the feedback or reviews. Shipping worldwide and a good response comes in good customer service. Even if any mishap occurs, you can claim to send the product again or compensate for the loss. It will maintain your repute.


Now FBM prime and FBA do not guarantee that buyer’s feedback or product reviews can get you a boy box on Amazon, but it can still gain you an edge. If not, that, feedback is always important when a buyer decides to purchase to earn you more potential customers.

Make sure you ask for feedback after every purchase from a buyer. Let me know what do you think about feedback’s role in getting a buy box?Amazon Feedback Software