Who doesn’t want their sales to increase? As for Amazon’s sales, you can only increase them once you rank higher in Amazon searches. Ranking higher means you can get high more potential buyers for your products or services, and it will ultimately increase your sales.

Amazon algorithm (A9) is what regulates the searches on amazon. You can rank higher once you understand this algorithm.
In this blog, you will know all about the algorithm and some tips to rank higher on Amazon.

What is Amazon Algorithm?

Amazon’s product search algorithm, which is also known as the A9 algorithm, is basically the same algorithm used in the Google search engine, but the factors which influence the search are different. So if you rank on Google, it is not certain that you will rank on the amazon product search list as well. The product search algorithm is based on relevant keywords and also how much customers are rating that product. They get revenue per product, so they consider keenly how much customers are interested in certain products.

Main Ranking Factors of A9 Algorithm

Amazon A9 algorithm

There are three main ranking factors on amazon’s product search algorithm. They are;


Conversion is conversion rate. Amazon analyses if your product has good reviews, high-quality images, and the pricing range is compatible with amazon’s conversion rate. Then Amazon will show your product higher in the product list.

Relevancy Factors

According to the A9 algorithm, your product page has to be relevant to it so that it will rank higher.

  • Title
  • Features/bullet points
  • Product description
  • Brand and manufacturer part number
  • Specifications
  • Search Terms


If you have good customer feedback and your customer satisfaction ratings are higher, amazon will itself rank you higher because it is a higher chance that you will win more customers.

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How to Rank Higher on Amazon Search?

Now that you know about the three main factors let’s look at the other factors that influence these three factors. The following are some tips that can help you rank higher on amazon search.

  • Try to make more sales of your product as the sales rank ultimately increases your search rank.
  • Good customer reviews are also important in ranking.
  • Briefly write a few FAQs on your product page, so it is easier for customers.
  • The amount of time a customer spends on your page influences your search rankings.
  • The price range of products has an effect on its conversion rate on amazon.
  • The more precise and complete your product listing, the more it is better for your ranking.
  • The product title should be relevant enough and should have the right keywords. Don’t make it too long.
  • Have more answered questions on your page.
  • You can add product descriptions so that you can use more keywords.
  • Use appropriate search terms and categories and subcategories for your product.
  • People who have higher POP and lower ODR are more likely to rank higher.
  • Add specifications where necessary. It shows you are diligent.


Ranking higher on amazon’s product search is easy once you understand its algorithm. Just know that you need to add all the information regarding your product but make sure it is not too much information. The factors of conversion, relevancy, and feedback have a more significant effect on your rankings.

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